So this is going to be like a monthly series where I round up what's been going on the community this month. So, let's get started!


Awesomeknight1234 sees that we are all actually characters from Spongebob in his latest blog! Check it out here!

Klagoer speaks up about how the wiki is... well... falling... you can check it out here!

Meiko makes a blog asking if he is ready for Adminship! You can see this blog right here!

B/C/R Of The Month!

This section covers who is the Brickipedia, Customiser and Reviewer Of The Month!

The Brickipedian Of The Month is: ErkelonJay go and give him a cookie or something.

The Customiser Of The Month is: ErkelonJay again! I think he derserves a Masterpiece for this.

The Reviewer Of The Month is: Soupperson1 Give her a cookie too!


What should I cover next month? Let me know in the comments!

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