Blogs, everyone either loves them or hates them. However, quality blogs are now taken under and have around 3-20 comments. They are over run by sig-fig or pointless blogs, some are even about the same subject. Also, I would like to adress the issue about making blogs you don't like more popular, if you don't want it to be in the top four in a two minutes, don't comment. Simple.

Attention Blogs

These blogs are special, in a bad way. If someone's blog fails to get attention. They'll make another about the same thing, this is bad. People aren't going to look at it and it's probably going to be deleted. If you want people to view and like your blog make it intresting. Not "today i bought a legos set" yeah, believe or not. PEOPLE BUY LEGO SETS. You don't need to tell them about it.

Delete sig-fig blogs?

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Also, I believe not many people use chat anymore. (Anti-social?)

--Rainbow Girl Talk 18:18, September 26, 2013 (UTC)