I'm going to look at Ninjago 2014 in this blog.

Lloyd's motorbike thingy

Spin prod 890111112

me likey this set because the design of it is beutifal. It inspires me, it, it just amazes me how that green bin was made! And then it also comes with these two useless vechiles and minifigures too, but I'll probably throw them away on Ebay or Bricky Linky.

a big red jet thing

wut is dis dat dosnt evan lok liek a jet anyway its main way of moving is flapping da sids very quckle ninjas dont wear masks anymor too peeps no hoo dey r now

big blue car

looks like jay got his swag on and bought this swaggy vechile the robot is so yolo btwz da turet is cooool and da robot sayz sentray goin up!!!!!!!!

dat concludes this blog now get out before i eat u


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