So the chimera is attacking and the greek heroes of sparta and athens must find the treasures to awaken pegasus to defeat it, without getting beaten by romans.


  • labyrinth-70 dollars-7 minifigs(2 sparta,3 athens,3 rome) with minotaur-like wampa
  • battle at sea-100 dollars-skylla/charybidis with 9 minifigs(3 of each)-two ships
  • riddle stand 10 dollars 1 minifig(sparta-s) +sphinx
  • hydra battle-30 dollars 1 hydra 2 minifigs(s+A) +rocks
  • medusa cave-50 dollars medusa+2 s 2a 2 rome
  • chariot race-40 dollars 1 a 1 s 1r 3 cyclopses 2 chariots
  • satyr council-20 dollars 1s 5 satyrs
  • spartan battlepack-40 dollars 4 s +city
  • athenian battlepack-40 dollars 4 a+city
  • rome-2 romans-mount vesuvius with exploding function 2 roman civillians 1 a 2 s and 1 oracle
  • underworld 120 dollars furies cerberus 4 r 2 a 3 s
  • collect all the weapons and you get a free hermes
  • collect a rare posiedon trident lightining bolt of zeus and hades helmet and get a golden pegasus

??????????? what you think PS S AND A STAND FOR SPARTANS AND ATHENIANS

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