pretty soon the movie On Stranger Tides is coming out And then in November a second wave will come out. But after that will it discontinue? write what you think. If not however, what other POTC sets and Minifigures would you like to come out ? And what do you think the third wave of sets will be?

I'd like these sets to come out:

1. the flying Dutchman

Minifigures: jack sparrow; davy jones; hadras;bootstrap bill; crew members(more than 2)]

2. Tia Dalma's place

Minifigures: elizabeth swann ; will turner ; monkey (with jacket)

3. Brethen Court

Minifigures: jack sparrow ; elizabeth swann; sao feng; barbarossa

4. Port Royal

Minifigures: beckett;jack sparrow;jack's crew members;pirates(cursed);elizabeth swann

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