From any of the existing themes/pre-existing/to-be existing themes what new sets would u like. I know i want:

  • potc-->flying Dutchman/tia dalma's hut

  • hp-->yule ball/chamber of secrets/whomping willow/order of Phoenix/the third task/ Bellatrix's vault in gringotts/ Malfoy manor / Ministry of Magic / Dursley house / Leaky cauldron/ a set for each class of hogwarts/ ravenclaw common room / weasley wedding

  • Toy story- Sid's room/ the airport

  • Superheroes- Batman vs. Mr. Freeze/Killer crock vs. robin/ spiderman vs. venom/spiderman vs. sandman/ spiderman vs. green goblin

  • lotr- Gandalf's death/ smeagol's transformations /hobbit house

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