I'd prefer there was:

  • a farmer- he has the same hat as the mexican but looks different. his shirt has overalls and he has a pitchfork
  • a football player- hat like hockey player and has a football
  • superman- red cape, blue shirt
  • maharajah- a turban a cool sword
  • a robber- has a bag of money with him
  • Santa- has a red hat with spot on top has fisherman/gnome's beard
  • medieval knight- cool armor/helmet/sword
  • a snowman - with an actual body
  • a doctor-with medical equipment
  • a minotaur-with a head with horns
  • a islander- with face paintings and wierd helmets
  • a lumberjack-with a cool beard
  • a wizard -man version of the witch is series 2
  • a construction worker- with the orange hat
  • an African hunter-with a spear
  • a futuristic guy- with weird hair and cool gadgets

remember this is just a dream series it will not be there

now tell me what I should edit and improvise on

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