None are official. Just my ideas.


  • Yoda's Hut with X-wing
  • Cloud City Duel
  • Y-wing
  • Tie-Interceptor
  • At-CT
  • Rouge One
  • Red B-wing
  • Random Star Wars Rebels sets
  • Stormtrooper battlepack
  • Rebel Battlepack
  • Hoth Troopers Battlepack
  • Snowtrooper battlepack
  • Tie striker Microfighter
  • U-wing Microfighter
  • Slave 1 microfighter
  • Obi Wan's Starfighter Microfighter
  • Episode 4 Finale Scene Limited edition 40th anniversary set

Summer Wave

  • Thrawn's Imperial craft
  • Jango Fett's Slave One
  • Luke's Island

This is a really random list so something has to be right.

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