Hi guys,

It's been nearing 2 months since I last submit a Request for Adminship here, and I wanted to ask the community if they felt I am ready yet. The main problems that people opposed for were as follows:

  • Actions at LMBW
  • Actions towards CM4Sci

I've been working hard to address both of those issues. If any LMBW users see this blog, I'm sure that they will vouch that I have been quite appropriate at their site, mostly in chat. I've come to be able to get along and socialize with them much better than before, and to put aside differences we may have and instead focus on what we have in common. With CM4S, Jeyo and Czech have been able to talk to me about the problems with CM4S that I've had, and have been given advice that, so far, has stopped most of the problems that are avoidable.

I've also been doing a lot to better the community since my last request:

The reason I'm making this blog instead of just making another RfA is that I'd rather make the RfA when the community thinks I'm ready, and not just when I think I am. Please let me know your opinions in the comments, and if you have a reason why you say you would support or oppose, please give your reason, as I will be able to address it and improve on it.

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