Hello everyone! BrickFair Virginia, one of the largest LEGO fan events in the United States, is taking place in a week! Along with AFOLs displaying their MOCs at the large expo event, there will be several seminars held by LEGO employees. I will be meeting with some of these employees individually at the event, along with attending the seminars. Along with the seminars, each year there is often a new LEGO product reveal and display!

Employees I will be meeting with
  • Tim Courtney – CUUSOO Director, the LEGO Group
  • Kevin Hinkle – Community Coordinator, the LEGO Group (North America)

What I'm asking is for you all to give me your questions to ask LEGO, and I'll do what I can to bring you answers.

My ongoing photographic coverage can be found here, on my Flickr.

Additionally, if any other users are planning on attending the event, feel free to find me and say hi. HappyEmote

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