Everybody else is leaving so why should I even stay?

With the recent events, I've started to be less and less active. Now I feel like I don't even have a purpose here anymore, so I wanted to give you all a goodbye. I only joined here because I wanted to help with Brickimedia. That was going great on this wiki at least and then it died. Now all kinds of idiots are rejoicing over its deletion? Thanks guys, it means a lot to have wasted a year on your stupid wants and needs.

As of lately, I've been getting less respect than usual, and its pissing me off. I've already been taking time out of my summer to help get Brickimedia back up as soon as possible, and now I'm starting to rethink that choice. If I can't be respected for what I voluntarily do, I don't need to volunteer my time and effort for you.

While I was at Brickimedia, I actually enjoyed this community, and now there are only a few members left that I have the patience for. I thought I was helping you all out by doing what I did for Brickimedia, but I guess you could have cared less.

Before I came to Brickipedia, I actually hated Wikia. I just did, because Wikia sites were all layed out obnoxiously, and a lot of them had too many noob users putting incorrect information on sites. As those who have known me longer, I've been a fan of independent wiki servers since I started using wikis. Over time, I came to like Wikia for the service they provide, and the amount of effort their technical team has put into developing Wikia features. Recently, I've lost that respect from what Wikia is doing to the users on this wiki. Blacklisting Brickimedia is wrong, since its just as much a LEGO fan site as others like Eurobricks and Brickset. Blacklist those sites, then it will be closer to being fair.

At this point, I'm more or less done with Wikia. I'll spend my summer actually enjoying time with friends who can actually respect me, reconstructing my wikis at, and if I have time, working on restoring Brickimedia.

For the next few days, I'll still be on chat, but I'm getting more fed up with the community as time goes on.

I'm sorry, and goodbye ahead of time. --Meiko

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