Hi guys, I just thought I'd update you on a few things. As you know, many members of this community have moved to a new host. Regarding this, I have a few important things to remind you all of.

The fact that Brickipedia has moved off of Wikia does not make it okay to vandalize and spam this one. A future LEGO Wiki should have the right to have a wiki and community here, so ruining this one isn't fair for them. Yes, many of us would want them to move with us, but that doesn't make it okay to turn this wiki into one big advertisement for Brickimedia.

Second, any discussion, coordination or any other discussion for the new wiki should be done at the new wiki—not here. The discussion pages, chat, and forum on this wiki are for a future LEGO Wiki community to use. The new wiki does have a forum, a chat, and a technical team to help make these features better and help you adjust to the change. At this point, there isn't much of a reason for users who have made the choice to move to the fork to be using these features here.

Hopefully this has been clear enough, and you can take the time to read and acknowledge these guidelines. Our goal is to be the best LEGO Wiki and reference site on the web, not to prevent a future community from being able to develop on their own.

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