Hello, welcome to Sequelitis. Here Lego themes and their successors will fight to see who is the most killer of all. This is the fight.

This is Episode 1. Kiddicraft will fight Lego.

It's been the 40's where building bricks originated. Was Lego the first to have this idea? Well, no, it was not. Then who was it? It was Kiddicraft. Kiddicraft was founded by Hilary "Harry" Page in the 40's, the time that is also where Archie comic books originated (which actually started the company in mid-1939, anyways, but this is a LEGO thing.) No, Lego is not a Lego clone. It made the building bricks known as Legos today as Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks were not released in the US or anywhere else. Lego actually started as a wood toy factory in 1932. Now let's get to the fight.

The ghosts of Hilary Page and Ole Kirk Christiansen come out of their graves. Hilary goes to Denmark to see Ole Kirk. "I challenge you to a Sequelity." says Hilary.


"My toy was more popular than your toy was, Hilary. End-of-story." says Ole Kirk. Ectoplasm falls out of Hilary. "I had the original idea, then you cloned it!" said Hilary. Ole Kirk is not affected. "My toy isn't old yet even though it first came out in the 50's!" says Ole Kirk. So Ole Kirk threw a tub full of Legos at Hilary. Hilary gets bruised. Lego minifigures come to life. "You didn't have us in our toys, did you?" asks a Lego minifigure. "I introuced several ideas, and that's one of them. One other one? Alright, then. I made Legos that appeal to girls." said Ole Kirk. Hilary becomes a real human again. "Whoa, you didn't say?" said Hilary. "Wow. I guess you were right. Sorry that I was difficult on you." Ole Kirk returns to his grave.


That's all the time we've got left for Sequelitis. Next time, Legoland Minifigures will fight Modern Minifigures. Bye!

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