There are a few costumes I have made using LDD, and you get to decide which one you want to use, but only if you are part of the game already. If not, go to RGT's blog post about joining it.

List of Costumes

Venture World Pack

Venture World Pack is another idea I have, an open world where you get to explore freely. Like the Venture Costume Pack, this one is around $9.99 - $14.99. Additionally, you get to collect certain material-textured to build using characters compatible with the Custom Create ability. However, these are limited. Look to the page Custom:LEGO Venture for more information. Also, I plan on adding a crafting system as well in the DLC.

Trigger's Level Pack

In Trigger's Level Pack, there is an all new story: Trigger accidentally pirated an image of an Electronic Arts video game onto his wiki, and EA notices. At risk of being banned, Trigger uses a mysterious talisman he forged, which creates a tornado leading to unknown areas of Wikia. Trip Hawkins, Andrew Wilson, and Peter Moore to get sucked in. Trigger attempts to get help from his Brickipedia friends, such as GameTime, Neo, and Martin Mcfly. After the group enters the portal they end up on Pirate Mission Island, a page on The Wiki of Deception, where all banned users gang together in attempt to create a Trans-Wiki Bomb, a nuke which could destroy all of Wikia, in addition to a monster if there plan fails, the Banned Contributor Storm.

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