Hi everyone, here is a quiz on all different LEGO types! Post answers down in the comment sectionn

1 - Who was the villian with over 300 Pieces, in Bionicle's 2007 Line?

a) Kalmah b) Karzahani c) Matoro

2 - What is the name of the Final Episode in the Ultra Agents Antimatter Missions app?

a) Antimatter Strikes b) Ultra Copter vs AntiMatter c) Enter the Serpent

3 - In what years where LEGO pour?

a) 1700's b) Mid 2000's c) The 90's

4 - What was the concept name of LEGO Mixels?

a) LEGO Monsters b) LEGO Mixers c) LEGO Creator

5 - What year did Flick Fire Missiles debut in?

a) 1998 b) 2012 c) 2008 d) 1978

6 - Final Question - What LEGO set had the set number 6954?(No A, B, C or D)

Enjoy! Get your brains workin!

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