This is just my opinion on the Brain Attack game up till now.


Gameplay's like the Breakout mobile game. Now it's totally third person view, not close to first person view at all.

Looks like a combination of the old 2010-2011 games and the mobile Breakout. 3/5

Levels and Items

The levels are easy if you get good weaponry. Grab the XL armor ASAP and use weapons that recharge quickly/dish out more damage.

However I was slightly annoyed by the level 20- it has an endless amount of brains + 1 creature. After defeating about 306 enemies I died only to find that I had completed the level and I just had to wait for the update. :|

The game contains too much old stuff. The head is similar to Bulk and Stringer's 2.0 heads that were shown in Savage Planet and Breakout, while the weapons include a lot of plasma guns from Breakout and even Black Phantom's mace. 2/5

More Coming Soon

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