Now this is not a who is more popular form this is who would win in a fight all of chimas characters or ninjagos here are the rulers

1 they are in a waist land each with certain pieces of rubble of there own cultures layed around making them believe the home was destroyed

2 each believe each other are responsible and are angry and have no sympathy for the other group

3 they have all there gear as in all there weapons the modes of transportation armies and all of there allies

4 they also have access to all there mystical items (eg chi or the Golden weapons (spoilers for ninjago finally but lets just say that from the golden power they rebuilt the weapons after the overlords death))

5 no enemies allowed and this counts any character or army who fought against are hero's at one point and have not made amends so the serpentine count

6 no dead characters allowed (eg this the rule can only be broken if they are reviewed to be alive but only when the episodes in English not any other language I want no spoilers) Zane is still in the digverse for now so he can t fight even though he is arguably not dead


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