I'm kinda getting fed up with all this stuff about users being mean to other users, chat not being enabled, and other rubbishy time wasting stuff.

Clone gunner is possibly going to leave, mainly becuase of what people said about him. Okay, perhaps he did swear, but CGCJ had a productive namespace* count of more than 90%. That's better than most of the rest of us.

So maybe we should all take a break from getting at other users, and do something more productive for a change.

(No, I'm not saying you can't have a laff sometimes, but when people spend they're whole time here just talking about other users, and not doing much productive, it doesn't help when they throw users who've massivley helped the wiki off)

So can we all take a break and some something good for Brickipedia please?

*Productive namespace = Main, File, Template, Inventory. (+ the new Review, Custom)

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