Freak occurance: NXT makes a blog!

So yesterday maked my second year on Brickipedia (:O), and here's something I put together:


It shows my contributions, edits up the sides, months ago along the bottom. The namespace corresponds to colour. (I realise it shows a slightly bleak picture, but my edits are much more sustainable now)

Heres one for my bot:


Notice the differences, edits more randomised, in massive clumps.

The third one, Nighthawk/blaze (if you want me to take it down NHL, please say)


Notice the regularity.

About the graphs: coded in python using pywikipedia and matplotlib. If anyone wants one of their contribs done, it's pretty easy for me to do different users, just comment and I'll see what I can do.

So, that's this months blog done (and most of next year's too).

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