Allow me to waste a bit of your time by correcting a common error (and a pet peeve of mine) among Brickipedians and wiki editors in general. The administrative action that prevents a user from editing nearly all Brickipedia pages is called blocking. For the most part, blocking is a wiki-specific term, and is rarely used outside of wikiland. Blocking is a feature built in to the MediaWiki software.

Banning, on the other hand, does not exist on Brickipedia. On most Internet insane asylums forums, it means the same thing as a block. On Wikipedia, a ban is a community-inflicted action that prevents a user from doing certain wiki-related actions, such as editing a particular page (see WP:BAN.) Banning is not currently implemented in Brickipedia, and I expect that it won't be for a while.

If you don't get this, that's okay. I'll make it nice and simple for you.

Banning does not exist. Blocking does. Only admins can block. End of discussion.

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