Welcome to the home page of MADAADI, or "Mutant Alien Defense Attack Annihilation Destruction Invasion." We are yet another invasion force that you can join!

What makes us kewler than ADU or CM4S's army

  • All our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable! WE SO MOAR ECO LOLS
  • We kill people, so they emit less CO2, thus saving the planet from the greenhouse effect!
  • We have acronyms you can actually pronounce! IN YO FACE, ADU@@@
  • We don't let people in unless their mainspace edit counts are more than half of the megawave frequency of a Lithium-42 atom minus the distance in inches from Boston to Albany multiplied by the total number of fair-use images on Wikipedia plus \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}}\int_0^1 e^{-t^2} dt! HOW KEWL IS DAT
  • Z0MG U C4N U$3 1337 1Z T3H 4VV3$u/\/\!
  • You get free chocolate chip cookies if you join!


Mega Ultra Defense Unit Mark XI

The MUDU Mark XI is a super-ultra defense unit that can discomtronicate all the destructo-kabammos.

  • Cligra
  • (Position open)
  • (Position open)

Super Hyper Retro-Attack Pilot Mark II

Mark II SHRAPs know how to annihilidestructate the planet Earth, using their trusty hyperaerohydroxo-ships.

  • (Position open)
  • (Position open)
  • (Position open)

ADU Pwnahz


  • (Position open)
  • (Position open)

BIg Kahuna Alien

BIKAs get to boss around the MUDUs and SHRAPs and pwnahz.

Orders from the Sergeant and BIKA

  • Sergeant: Make me a corned beef sandwich and a glass of ice water.
  • Sergeant: Don't use the letter "E" for the next month. Violation of this rule leads to "solitary confinmnt."
  • Sergeant: Ride your bicycle backwards across the Pacific Ocean. Now.