I have a lot of pets, although none of them are actually animals. Here's a list of a few things that bug me, most of them wiki-related. If you're the type that likes to see my head explode, feel free to make this into your to-do list.

These are in rough descending order, with the most annoying at the top.

  • The USERNAME template. It's overrated and very, very annoying.
  • Admin highlights. Finding admins is easy enough without having to show them off in the recent changes.
  • Terms that refer to administrators as a collective body, e.g. the "staff." Staffs are what we use in martial arts, not internet communities.
  • Objective policies in internet communities. Wikipolitics is a subjective field, and cannot be made into a formal system of laws.
  • "I can't think of a good counter-argument, so I'm going to antagonize you just for the heck of it!"
  • Confusion between "its" and "it's."
  • The current grading system used in schools: if you like the student, give him an A and say "Great job," but if not, give him a C- and say "Not bad."
  • "You violated tiny little inconsequential MoS guideline X, so I'm going to block you!"
  • "Ooooh! Cool! I have this big button that says 'Block!' Now I can use it on everyone who opposes me!"
  • Developing skins on MediaWiki. I swore out loud several times while making the Green skin for MLNW.
  • People who deliberately shove allergens in my direction.
  • "You're a hacker, so you must be that stereotypical evil idiot!"
  • "You're a hacker, so you must be that stereotypical snot-nosed script kiddie!"
  • Script kiddies that call themselves hackers. They are a shame to our sacred brotherhood.
  • Poorly written JavaScript. JavaScript is a great language, but it's so misused that it's become underrated.
  • Confusion between blocking and banning.
  • User A posts a comment, users B, C, D, ... respond to it, and then A goes back and changes the original comment.
  • Nested <big> or <small> tags. Use <div style="font-size: 24pt;">.
  • <center> (use text-align) and similar deprecated tags.
  • Sigs that don't link to the poster's userpage or talk page.
  • Horizontal scrolling caused by non-liquid page layouts.
  • Userpages with loads of useless clutter, especially userboxes and barnstars.
  • Annoying useless barnstar variants with bad color choices.


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