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  • I live in America
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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    Space Police RP!

    January 18, 2014 by Video Gamer1

    This is my first rp. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience for all. Backstory: Minifigures have learned to colonize planets and built a mega-city world on the planet Motog-5. The government trained a new security force called the Space Police to keep crime at bay.

    • No godmodding (Killing a user, being indestructible and all-powerful)
    • Ask permission to merge with another player
    • Show respect to other users

    • Sibo
    • DarthShlomo
    • Jahchildren
    • King Kahuka

    • Lawgivers (Regular Police)
    • Psi Division (Psychic Police)
    • Detective
    • Tech Advisors (Oversee the internet and development of technology) (Can fight in the Matrix)

    • Video Gamer1
    • Name: Venlex Durango
    • Weapons: Ultraviolet rapidfire machine gun
    • Personality: Calculating, friendly, wise, born leader
    • Division: Lawgiver
    • J…

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    In the time of the Old Republic, a new warrior emerged, mighty and would shape the destiny of the Sith forever. A muscular Nikto in Sith Acolyte robes walked out of an Imperial shuttle that had landed at the Korriban arrival port. An Imperial officer greeted him as he came out. "Greetings Acolyte Venlex." He said and then bowed. "The Overseer at the Academy wants you to meet him. Would you like me to escort you there?" "No thanks officer, I know this dustball is a land of horrors but I can walk a few hundred meters by myself." Venlex then walked out of the Arrival port of the valley of Dark Lords. A group a kor'shlugs waddled over to him to attack, but all Venlex did was choke them without turning around. He then walked into the arched cor…

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    SW story blog 2

    March 3, 2013 by Video Gamer1

    (Well, since I was suggested to do a perspective of a Sith, I couldn't show anything about clone troopers, one of my favorite characters. So, this time, I will make a story blog about Clone Troopers.)

    The sleek black gunship of Shadow Squad sailed through the night sky of Bandomeer, a bleak but resource rich world with an alliance to the Galactic Republic. Blackout, Spark, Rancor, Nightfall, and Master Kelvek gathered around a hologram table in the back of the gunship. The Shadow Squad all had dark grey armor with black knee and elbow pads. They had modified helmets with large circles outlined in maroon around the sides of their helmet. Blackout, the Squad Leader, pressed a button on the control pad. A hologram of a B3 battle droid and a Dr…

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    SW story blog

    February 22, 2013 by Video Gamer1

    (I am making an interactive story blog, similar to what Storm made. Just in case if you are not aware of the rules, twice a day I will post a new scenario and 3 choices on what the character should do. By the next day, I will tally all the votes and make a new scenario based on the voted action.)


    What should he do? 1-A= Escape through the vent overhead 1-B= Use force repusle 1-C= Slash them with a lightsaber

    You picked 1-B Ryun focused on the dark side of the force. He grew furious and the bounty hunters around him where being force choked. He grew extremely angry and started to float in mid air. A ball of transparent concentrated energy enveloped him. He let out a loud scream and the ball of energy blew into the bounty hunters, obliteratin…

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