In the time of the Old Republic, a new warrior emerged, mighty and would shape the destiny of the Sith forever. A muscular Nikto in Sith Acolyte robes walked out of an Imperial shuttle that had landed at the Korriban arrival port. An Imperial officer greeted him as he came out. "Greetings Acolyte Venlex." He said and then bowed. "The Overseer at the Academy wants you to meet him. Would you like me to escort you there?" "No thanks officer, I know this dustball is a land of horrors but I can walk a few hundred meters by myself." Venlex then walked out of the Arrival port of the valley of Dark Lords. A group a kor'shlugs waddled over to him to attack, but all Venlex did was choke them without turning around. He then walked into the arched corridors of the academy. He walked up the stairs to Overseer Rusiar's office. "Greetings acolyte." He said and spun the chair around. He revealed a heavily scarred Falleen face with a carefully trimmed wad of hair on the top of his head. Tapping his fingers on the desk, he said "According to intel, you are extremely powerful in the force. There are only 3 assignments that I can give you that can test your strength." He then handed Venlex a datapad. "Choose one of these." Venlex eyed the datapad and stroked his chin.

/-Which task should Venlex do?-/ 1A) Collect Naga Shadow's Journal 2A) Retrieve Exar Kun's lightsaber from his tomb 3A) Collect the 3 holocron shards that would unlock hidden secrets of the force

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