This is my first rp. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience for all. Backstory: Minifigures have learned to colonize planets and built a mega-city world on the planet Motog-5. The government trained a new security force called the Space Police to keep crime at bay.


  • No godmodding (Killing a user, being indestructible and all-powerful)
  • Ask permission to merge with another player
  • Show respect to other users


  • Sibo
  • DarthShlomo
  • Jahchildren
  • King Kahuka


  • Lawgivers (Regular Police)
  • Psi Division (Psychic Police)
  • Detective
  • Tech Advisors (Oversee the internet and development of technology) (Can fight in the Matrix)

RP profiles

  • Video Gamer1
  • Name: Venlex Durango
  • Weapons: Ultraviolet rapidfire machine gun
  • Personality: Calculating, friendly, wise, born leader
  • Division: Lawgiver
  • JahChildren
  • Name: Draco Panalex
  • Weapons: Dual heavy-fire laser pistols
  • Personality: Adventurous, sarcastic, clumsy, slightly short tempered
  • Division: Detective
  • King Kahuka
  • Name: Draxo Vilinex
  • Personality: Positive, brave, and eater of goldfish crackers
  • Division: Psi Division
  • Weapons: LEO-P4 Pistol, LA3 Rifle

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