My Opinion for summer SW sets (1st half)

What am I think about summer SW sets (first half)

I speak about 2 sets:Millenium Falcon and Hoth Echo Base,

  • Millenium Falcon

LIKE: 1.Set is big. 2.Many accessories and minifigs. 3.You can open ship and get access to many features. 4.Flick missiles:) DISLIKE: 1.Cockpit was made for 2 minifigs.But it is very hard to place second minifig there. 2.I don't understand,what Vader is doing there?Better place C-3PO and(or) R2-D2.

  • Hoth Echo Base

LIKE: 1.New design minifigs (most Leia with ice cream=)) 2.Place for Tauntaun (like opening gates) 3.Like different guns in set. DISLIKE: 1.I can't say anything)))If you don't like something, comment)


--Count Dooku 11:22, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

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