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    Lego Competition

    December 20, 2012 by Zag100

    Dear Readers,

    I made this so people could enter and win. It starts December 21, 2012

    (the day of the mayan's calendar ending which made them think it was the end of the world) to January 17th. I Will tell you if I changed the date. The categories for the themes in it are LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Ninjago,LEGO Minifigures, LEGO Spongebob SquarePants, and LEGO The Hobbit. Another option you can do is take a picture you made on a Single Player MineCraft Server or ROBLOX (I would recommend Minecraft)

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  • Zag100

    Hey Guys! This Month i am having a star wars moc creation contest.

    Rules and things needed

    .There is LDD involved. .you can draw it and have a star wars related starship. .It is over July 31st. .You can make guns with your guy and the ship. .It can be any size. .`No Copy Cats. .Things you would need are legos and things like lego. .Add a Comment Below if things need to be added.

    thank you, Zag100 aka Legotron Snake

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  • Zag100

    Hey everyone this is my first MOC Contest. The Contest is a Darth Maul Creation Contest Starts Saturday March 17th and ends Tuesday May 15th. Build a Humongus Darth Maul . give your darth maul a double lightsaber and make it Red. if its LDD Then Tell me How much pieces it is. Its Due 11:59 PM April 16th 2012.Have fun building your pieces!It'll be sick!

    Darth Maul,MOC Creation Contest

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