Ok, here they are!!!!

Lego 23


Lego 22


Lego 21


Lego 20

Me in a zombie apocolypse

Lego 19

Emma from my mom's Harry Potter fan fiction

Lego 17


Lego 18

Connor from Assassin's Creed III

Lego 1.0

My car in a zombie apocolypse

Lego 2.0

Mini tank

Lego 3.0

Mech suit

Lego 4.0

The Bat-Pod from The Dark Knight

Lego 6.0

Normal go-kart

Lego 5.0

Advanced go-kart

Lego 7.0

Michael, Harper, Kai, and John

Lego 8.0

Melissa, Alex, Akio, and Jacob

Lego 9.0

Dalek from Doctor Who

Lego 10.0


Lego 11.0

Middle-Earth warriors

Lego 12.0

Rick, Daryl, and Michonne from The Walking Dead

Lego 13.0

Super hero and villian MOC, Energizer (left) and Meltdown (right)

Lego 14.0

Elite from Halo

Lego 16

Mk-20 and Mk-21

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