Ok, you will probably laugh when you see it because it's nothing compared to what you guys make, but it IS my first. And hopefully the first of many. I plan on making a custom page for Lego TMNT: The Video Game. The Nick TV show, not the new movie. But anyways. It's a work in progress. I mostly made my Custom:Video Game Characters page for those of you who would like to play as my characters. Anyway. I'll add more to the page later. See you soon.

UPDATE: Ok, so I got a thing saying that my custom page will be deleted because I have no pictures of it. Truthfully, I think that's just a big load. But I don't wanna get myself banned for talking back, so I'm trying to put in a few pictures. I go to put in a few pictures from a previous blog, but I type in the pictures to search for it (which are Lego 12.jpg and Lego 15.jpg) and I get 0 results. Anyone wanna help me out? Because I've been trying to think of custom game characters for a while, and I'm getting told I can't share it. That kinda puts me down.

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