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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Way of the Ninja >> The Golden Weapon

Way of the Ninja
Way of the Ninja

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season №:


Episode №:



Michael Hegner
Justin Murphy


Torsten Jacobsen (executive producer)
Erik Wilstrup


The Brothers Hageman

Running time:

Approx. 11 mins

First released/aired:

January 14, 2011



The Way of the Ninja is the first pilot episode for Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Way of the Ninja-2

Kai, with his failed attempt at making a sword.

At the Four Weapons, a blacksmith shop run by Kai and Nya, Kai is attempting to forge a sword, however does so unsuccessfully because he tried to make the sword too quickly. Sensei Wu then enters the store, and tells Kai that his weapons are loud and heavy, suitable for samurai but not ninja. Kai tells Wu to either buy something or leave, and as Kai's back is turned, Wu disappears, much to Kai's surprise. That night, a group of Skull Motorbikes, led by a Skull Truck with Samukai, Kruncha and Nuckal in it, attack the Four Weapons, with Samukai saying that they are looking for a map.

Way of the Ninja-4

Kai and Nya fighting off Skullkin.

Kai gets dressed in some of the store's armour and arms himself with a sword, telling Nya to stay in the store. Kai manages to defeat some Skullkin, as does Nya, who ignored Kai's instructions and sneaks up behind some Skullkin and knocks them down with a staff. With Kai and Nya distracted by other Skullkin, Kruncha and Nuckal enter the store, looking for the map, eventually finding it accidentally as they get into an argument. As Kruncha and Nuckal leave the store with the map, Kai enters into a battle with Samukai, who uses four curved daggers as weapons. Samukai easily defeats Kai, but Kai is saved by Sensei Wu by using Spinjitzu. Samukai throws all four of his daggers at Wu, who manages to dodge them, but the daggers hit a leg of a tower outside the blacksmith's shop, bringing it down. It would have fallen on Kai, however, Wu uses Spinjitzu again to carry them both to safety. The Skullkin retreat, but not before the Skull Truck's bone fist is fired, taking Nya as a prisonor. Samakai gives this order, saying that he was told to do so by Lord Garmadon.

Way of the Ninja-5

Sensei Wu using Spinjitzu on Samukai.

Kai sets off to get Nya back, but Sensei Wu tells Kai about the history of Ninjago. According to Wu, Ninjago was created by The First Spinjitzu Master, using the the four weapons of Spinjitzu- The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice and the Sword of Fire. These weapons were meant be so powerful that noone can handle the power of all of the weapons at once. When the Master died, his two sons swore to protect the weapons, but the older brother was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess all of the weapons. The brothers fought, with the younger brother winning, banishing the older one to the underworld.

Way of the Ninja-7

Sensei Wu fighting Lord Garmadon.

Peace returned to the land, with the younger brother hiding the four weapons, placing guardians to protect the weapons, and also making a map of the location of the weapons, giving it to an "honest man", so that in case the died, someone would still know the locations of the weapons. Wu tells Kai that the honest man was Kai's father, and that the older brother is Lord Garmadon, and that he needs to find the weapons before Garmadon. Kai correctly guesses that Wu is the younger brother, and asks Wu if he came for the map. Wu instead tells Kai that he came for Kai himself, to train him to become a Spinjitzu Master. Kai at first declines, but soon realises that he does not have the skill to get Nya back.

Way of the Ninja-8

Kai being beaten by the training course.

Kai begins his training, first scaling a cliff face to get to the Spinjitzu Dojo. Inside the monastery, Sensei Wu reveals a training course, telling Kai that he must complete the training course by the time he finishes his tea. Wu then drinks his tea in a matter of seconds, and tells Kai that he failed for today, and must try again tomorrow. The next four days, Kai is shown to have failed the course each time in different ways, until the fifth day when he begins to make some progress.

Way of the Ninja-9

Kai, after successfully completing the course.

On the sixth day, Kai quickly passes through the first few obstacles, with Sensei Wu hurrying to make his tea, however as he is about to drink it, Kai throws his sword while in midair, knocking the cup out of Wu's hand, making Wu start again. Kai continues with the course, but as he is pouring his tea, realises that Kai is sitting next to him. Kai asks Wu if he is now going to learn Spinjitzu, but Wu tells him that he already has, and his final test will come tomorrow.

Way of the Ninja-10

Kai being surrounded by three ninja.

That night, three ninja in black robes infiltrate the dojo, and the episode ends with Kai being surrounded in his room by the three ninja while brushing his teeth.


Way of the Ninja-6

Sensei Wu dodging Samukai's daggers.

  • Rocky (Silhouette only)
Way of the Ninja-3

The Skullkin beginning their attack on the Four Weapons.

  • Axe
  • Bone
  • Bone axe
  • Dagger
  • Hammer
  • Pike
  • Staff
  • Sword

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