"Check me out! I feel like I could take on the universe single handedly!"
"Furno online, fired up and ready to deliver air support!"
―IFB Furno
William Furno

Hero Factory


ADU gun
Fire extinguisher


2010 - 2014


William Furno is a Hero Factory character introduced in 2010. He is considered a prodigy and a very promising hero, and is currently a member and was present on the Ordeal of Fire, Savage Planet, and Breakout, Brain Attack and Invasion from Below missions. Description

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Everyone involved in Furno’s creation agrees: this guy is truly exceptional. Equipped with the purest and most powerful Quaza Hero core ever created, Furno has the potential to become the greatest hero ever built by the Hero Factory scientists. And he knows it!

IFB Bio This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Movie Quotes: “Ready for action!”
“Furno online, fired up and ready to deliver air support!”
“Nothing my flame cannons can’t handle!”

Strenghts: Fearless
Super Confident

Weakness: None (if you ask himself, though his team mates will tell you that Furno can sometimes be too opinionated and difficult to work with)



As Figure


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