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Wizards Fireworks, The Grand Tournament of Spells is the 2010 LEGOLAND Windsor firework event. Fireworks will take place on October 23, 24, , 30, 31, November 6 and November 7.
Wizards fireworks

The logo

The story is themed around the Wizards of the Kingdoms theme. They gather from around the world to find a new grand elder wizard.


  • Secret Potion Classes - For ages 5 and up, these take place in the Imagination Centre Workshop
  • Wizards Treasure Trial - A contest in which you can win a XBOX 360 4GB console, years subscription to XBOX Live and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. To enter you need to find 5 magical objects througout the park and rearrange the letters.
  • Family Building Competition - A contest in which a family builds a wizard model for the chance to win £100 of LEGO. In the Imagination Centre Workshop.
  • Birds of Prey - In Knights' Kingdom.
  • Rides in the Dark - Some rides will be open for an hour after fireworks.
  • Fireworks - Fireworks start at 6:30pm on all days, except 31 Oct (6:00pm) and Nov 1 (5:30pm).


  • Unlike the previous years, LEGO City Harbour is no longer a firework viewing area.
  • Originally, a show was planned for the 29th of October but was moved to November 7 due to power shortages.

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