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World Builder 2 Logo

World Builder 2 is the successor to World Builder. It was discontinued after not getting enough income from the site. It is set in a jungle world and urban world and is significantly more difficult than its predecessor. There are a total of 24 missions, 12 in each world. You can still play the game on an Archived URL here or at the original URL.

New Units Included:

  • Freeze Bot - Automatically freezes enemies two blocks away, freeze gun has a short recharge time.
  • House - Immobile unit only used in goals.
  • Windmill - Creates energy blocks if any free spaces are next to it, and there are not energy blocks next to it already.
  • Nursery - Creates trees if any free spaces are adjacent to it.
  • Garage - Creates tires in any free spaces around it, if there aren't any tires next to it already.
  • Factory - Turns boulders and trees next to it into the coloured blocks displayed. Can change colours.


  • One new enemy is the LION. It's a one hit K-O on anything but defenders/speedboats, disassembles at will. It is just like any other enemy but faster and deadlier.

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