Yellow Jacket is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle.



Darren Cross was a scientist who became the protege of renowned scientist Hank Pym, who was formerly the superhero Ant-Man. Knowing that Pym had been hiding his suit and technology, as he didn't trust anyone with it, Cross came to resent Pym. With the help of Hope van Dyne, Pym and his wife, Janet Van Dyne's (Wasp) resentful daughter, Darren Cross took over Pym's company. He then used Pym's technology to create YellowJacket, a more high-tech version of the Ant-Man suit for military use. Hope soon found out what Cross was doing, and sided with her father. Hank persuaded theif Scott Lang to reform, and become the second Ant-Man.

In Lang's attempt to steal the Yellow Jacket armor, Cross follows him home and they duel using child's toys. He has since become Scott Lang's arch-nemesis.