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Zombie Groom
Zombie Groom

Monster Fighters


Zombie Moonstone


August 2012

―Zombie Groom

The Zombie Groom is a Monster Fighters minifigure released in August 2012.


He has a top hat, the same as Sam Sinister, and The Penguin or various snowmen from different sets. He has a new printed torso which looks like a circus performer's suit or it could be a vest that has been torn up. He also has an undone red bow tie and a red sash. Both his hands are greyish-green, and his right arm is white while his left arm is greyish-green, which is meant to represent the left sleeve of his shirt having been torn off. The head is the same color with yellow eyes and a snarl. His legs are basic dark grey.


The Zombie groom is the husband of the Zombie Bride. A zombie who slumbers in the graveyard with his wife, and is often accompanied by the Zombie Driver, who enjoys walking across the graveyard. His love with his wife is so strong, and cannot, under any circumstances be broken.


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No one dares step into the graveyards of the Monster Realm for fear of waking the undead duo of the Zombie Groom and his Bride. With a bond that will never be broken, where you find one, you will always find the other. So don’t let yourself get surrounded by these two mindless minis, for they have but one mission…to eat your briiiiiiicks!

Zombie Facts:
Species: Notsodeadious Infectious
Origin: Graveyards
Weaknesses: Pop off their head bricks
Powers: They’ll eat your bricks for breakfast!

Hobbies: Staring contests and competitive eating


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